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If you live in Arizona but your spouse lives in some other location, you can still obtain a divorce in Arizona. The problem is that certain things cannot be done unless Arizona has what is referred to as “personal jurisdiction” over the non-Arizona spouse. So, in simple cases such as those in which there are no children in common and no assets or debts to divide, it is a relatively simple matter to obtain a divorce in Arizona. However, if there is property to divide, spousal maintenance or child support be paid, or debt to be allocated, and if Arizona does not have personal jurisdiction over the non-Arizona spouse, you may want to consider obtaining the divorce in the other location.

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It will be worthwhile to obtain a consultation with Mr. Thomas so that he can properly screen your case for suitability for an Arizona divorce if your spouse resides in a location other than Arizona (and if Arizona does not have personal jurisdiction over the other spouse). The concept of personal jurisdiction does not lend itself to a quick and easy definition or explanation, so the question of whether Arizona personal jurisdiction exists in your particular situation will be something Mr. Thomas needs to discern during your consultation.