Debt Settlement

Phoenix, Arizona debt settlement attorneys Ronald V. Thomas and Timothy Geiger are adept at negotiating advantageous settlements for clients who either wish to avoid or do not qualify for bankruptcy protection. Mr. Thomas and Mr. Geiger have various strategies they will employ in order to minimize the amount of money you ultimately need to pay back to your creditors. It is important to contact Thomas Law Office immediately if you are delinquent or about to be delinquent on your debt payments. The sooner you contact our office, the sooner we can devise an effective debt reduction strategy.

Contact Our Phoenix Debt Settlement Attorneys

The laws related to debts are complex, and we at Thomas Law Office know how best to use them to your advantage. Negotiation skills are important, and our attorneys’ negotiating skills have been used to secure numerous reductions in debts for Arizona clients. Often, a key strategy is preparing a mock bankruptcy case and showing the creditor how the client qualifies for bankruptcy protection and how that creditor will receive far less than the settlement offer if a bankruptcy is filed. Even as recently as the past year, we have eliminated hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt for our clients.