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Father’s Rights In Arizona For Paternity

If you are a Father who thinks he may be the father of a child that is about to be born, stop and call us immediately. You need to get legal advice right away. If you are a man who has been sued for paternity, you should call us right away because there are certain time-sensitive matters you need to be aware of and that require a detailed interview. But if you are a father who knows for sure that he is the father of the child and you want to make sure that you get plenty of time with your child who either has been born or is about to be born, then read on!

Fathers in Arizona have increasingly better chances of getting regular, frequent, and meaningful time with their children. This was not always the case. In the past, Father’s rarely got more than every other weekend with their children. They were seen more as mere visitors rather than parents. But the times have changed and the law has changed with the times. Due to some relatively recent changes in the law, judges are expected to give Arizona Fathers more than just every other weekend with their children – unless something unusual is present in their case (such as alcohol abuse, drug problems, domestic violence, unstable work schedule, etc.).

However, you should not assume that if you walk into court by yourself you are going to be given equal time with your children. There still appears to be a pervasive bias in favor of mothers in Arizona’s courts. Although it can’t be proven, by watching court hearings on a regular basis you will most likely reach this conclusion on your own. Do not worry, though. If you have an experienced father’s rights attorney at your side, your chances of getting the result you want are much higher. Mr. Thomas has many years of experience defending fathers in Arizona. He is a zealous advocate for fathers to be treated equally in our court system. Mr. Thomas will use his ample experience and array of techniques to dramatically increase the odds that you are going to get plenty of quality time with your children. Mr. Thomas is trained not only in the law but also in psychology. Mr. Thomas understands people and their motivations and uses these skills to your advantage.

Father’s paternity rights in Arizona are getting better every year! And Mr. Thomas derives great pleasure from seeing the smiles on the faces of his male clients when they are awarded the parenting time they very much deserve. So don’t wait! Contact Mr. Thomas now to see what your options are and to get an idea of the prognosis. If you wait too long, you may harm your case. On the other hand, rarely should you quickly file anything with the court before consulting an attorney who is dedicated to protecting and defending the rights of Arizona fathers. If you’ve already pulled the legal trigger, often we can still save you from damage you may have inadvertently inflicted upon yourself. Whatever stage of the process you are in, you could always benefit from some good legal advice, and Mr. Thomas stands ready to give you that good advice! We hope to see you soon.


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