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Father’s Lawyers In Arizona

Are there lawyers in Arizona who mostly represent fathers? Yes! Ronald V. Thomas is an Arizona attorney who mostly represents fathers and husbands in divorce and child custody cases. Mr. Thomas has almost a quarter century of experience representing fathers in family court. He is effective and passionate and stands ready to help you gain the time with your children that you deserve. Mr. Thomas represents clients mostly in Maricopa County, but he also represents clients in Pinal County from time to time as well.

Arizona is not known as a “father friendly” state, but that does not mean that mothers always win. The law in Arizona has been gradually changing in favor of fathers for over a decade, and things continue to get better as time goes by. You should not procrastinate. If you know that the children’s mother is not being fair with you, do not wait to secure your rights to your children. Do not let her dictate when and where you can see your own children. The more time goes by, the more an unfavorable pattern will be set, and the more difficult it will be to explain to a judge why you waited so long to pursue rights to your children. If you wait too long, it could look like you really don’t care.

Father’s lawyers in Arizona are aware of the tricks and tactics most often used by mothers and how best to fight back against a malicious mother in family court. Fathers lawyers in Arizona also know how to help a father who may have some skeletons in his own closet. Perhaps he has a drug or alcohol problem. Perhaps he has a mistress. Perhaps he has a gambling habit or has engaged in domestic violence. Yes, these things often hurt a case, but there are things that can be done to mitigate the damage. Do not give up on your children because you think you have a bad or difficult case. Mr. Thomas enjoys taking on some of the most difficult cases and getting his clients time with their children that they had not dreamed was possible.

A piece of advice: get in the habit of documenting things. Keep a journal. Save text messages, emails, videos, and anything else that could be important evidence in your case. Organize it and bring it to your first meeting with your attorney. Your attorney will appreciate that you have taken the time to collect important evidence and organize it in a useful way. Back up your text messages and other evidence, too. Computers and other devices fail, and papers can get thrown away or destroyed. Always have a backup copy of everything and keep it in a secure location. There is so much more you need to know, which is why you should contact Mr. Thomas now. Do not wait. The clock is ticking.

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